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Dr Fauci Spent $400K To Conduct Secret Experiments Transplanting Scalps Of Aborted Fetuses Onto Living Rats

Scientists Are Mixing Human Body Parts With Robots And Monkeys. We Don’t Want To See What’s Next

Hybrid monkey-human embryos created in lab for first time in scientific breakthrough

DARPA Is Working On COVID Vaccine, Implantable Microchip To Detect Virus

Elon Musk's Neuralink reveals monkey playing Pong with brain implant


China's Secret Human Animal Hybrid Experiments

Israeli Archaeologist Says He Has Found King David's Citadel

Pioneering DNA study reveals not all Dead Sea Scrolls are from Dead Sea

China has done human testing to create biologically enhanced super soldiers,

says top U.S. official

Illinois to REQUIRE public schools to include LGBTQ historical figures in lesson plans

6th grader punished for saying gender-confused friend

‘is a boy, not a girl’

A HUMAN-MONKEY hybrid has been grown in a lab in China

in a world first scientific breakthrough.

Human-animal hybrids to be developed in Japan after ban controversially lifted

Aborted babies’ BODY PARTS fused with mice to ‘humanise’ them for grim ‘Frankenstein’ experiments in US labs

EVIL: Aborted Babies used to flavor foods-

List of companies using fetal cells in foods

Vatican releases combined cross and crescent logo for Pope’s trip to Morocco

Trans-Child Abuse

ABC Just Promoted Something SO DISGUSTING & DISTURBING You Won’t Believe it…or Will You?

Chinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies

DARPA Insider Warns: The ‘Voice Of God Weapon’ Is Real: Can ‘Talk’ To You

From Nearly A Mile Away, Blind You, Or Melt Your Skin Off

Rewriting reproduction: With stem cells and CRISPR, scientists breed mice

with same-sex parents

Chelsea Clinton: Protecting babies from abortion would be ‘un-Christian’

The Military Now Has Tooth Mics For Invisible, Hands-Free Radio Calls

Russia plans £4.5million Jurassic Park-style cloning facility to bring extinct

species like woolly mammoths back to life

Genetically Modified Children – New Film Unveils the ‘Monstrous’ Child Deformities Caused by Agrochemicals in Argentina--watch the film in the story

Genetically Modified Babies Given Go Ahead by UK Ethics Body

AI Can Now Manipulate People’s Movements In Fake Videos

Government accidentally sends file on "remote mind control" methods to journalist

Harvard cloning scientist is using woolly mammoth DNA to see the Ice Age

species rise from the dead

Inside the Coming Battle Over Gene-Edited Food

Humans will be genetically modified for the first time in Europe as scientists get

the go-ahead to use DNA-splicing therapy to treat blood disorder


Amazing Facebook 'Coincidence' And Links To DARPA Take Us Further Down

The Rabbit Hole

South Korean university is secretly developing killer AI robot army that could destroy humanity, scientists fear

The Next Huge GMO Crime is Here

UN’s radical agenda pushes sex, LGBT education starting in kindergarten

“Trans” ideology pushed by Big Pharma and surgery companies backed

by $400 million P.R. campaign

Oregon passes bill allowing mentally ill patients to be starved to death


A human-pig hybrid embryo has been created in a world first: Breakthrough could open up the possibility for 'designer' animal organs to be used in people

One of Pope’s 9 advisor Cardinals proposes ‘liturgical’ blessings of

homosexual unions

Chelsea Clinton, Church of Satan exchange Happy New Year wishes

US military agency invests $100m in genetic extinction technologies


Man-Made DNA Create Synthetic Bacteria...'s-alphabet-lets-cells-produce-novel-proteins

Pentagon’s super-secret research agency DARPA now wants to genetically engineer PLANTS to use as battlefield spying technology


Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes To Be Released In 20 States


Hebrew University research shows human sperm production dropped by 59.3 percent between 1973 and 2011. Some fear conspiracy to reduce population

using GMOs .

The Superhumans are coming. Chips inserted in brains will give us

MIND-BLOWING abilities within years

Scientists are implanting HUMAN brains into rats

NASA working on DNA Altering

Church of Satan approved, demon drag queen teaches young children LGBTQ indoctrination during Drag Queen Story Hour at Michelle Obama Library.

Vladimir Putin warns of future genetically-modified super soldiers more

‘destructive than nuclear bombs’ who feel no fear or pain


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